Türkiye’nin Dahil Olduğu AB programları ve Fonları

İçindekiler   Katılım öncesi mali yardımların yapısı ve işleyişi Katılım öncesi mali yardımlar ve KOBİ’lere sağlanacak olanaklar KOSGEB’in KOBİ’lere sağladığı destekler       Künye Bilgileri   Türkiye’nin Dahil Olduğu AB programları ve Fonları İstanbul Ticaret Odası Yayınları Türü: Avrupa Birliği, E-kitap oku, E-kitap indir Yayın Tarihi: 13.12.2004 46 Sayfa ISBN: 9755129499       […]

The European Comission 2010 – 2014 Profiles and Priorities

Contents   The European Commission at work José Manuel Barroso Setting long-term goals for the EU Catherine Ashton Promoting peace, protecting the vulnerable and fighting poverty Viviane Reding A new era for justice and fundamental rights in Europe Joaquín Almunia Economic growth based on open and competitive markets Siim Kallas Fast safe and clean transport […]

The European Central Bank – The Eurosystem – The European System of Central Banks

Contents Foreword by the President of the European Central Bank The road to Economic and Monetary Union European integration Economic integration Convergence criteria Key characteristics of the euro area Benefits of the euro 8 Milestones Structure and tasks The European System of Central Banks and the Eurosystem The European Central Bank Tasks of the Eurosystem […]

Cvria – Court of Justice of The European Union

Contents   * The Court of Justice * The Court of Justice in 2011: changes and activity * Case-law of the Court of Justice in 2011 * Composition of the Court of Justice * Members of the Court of Justice * Change in the composition of the Court of Justice in 20111 * Order of […]

The European Council and The Council

The European Council is the driving force behind the European Union. It meets at least four times a year, bringing together Europe’s top political leaders, i.e. the Heads of State or Government of the Member States, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission. The High Representative for Foreign Affairs […]

The ABC of European Union Law

Contents   * Foreword * From Paris to Lisbon, Via Rome, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice * Fundamental Values of The European Union * The EU as guarantor of peace * Unity and equality as the recurring theme * The fundamental freedoms * The principle of solidarity * Respect of national identity * The need for […]

Avrupa Birliği – Kurumlar

İçindekiler   * Avrupa Parlamentosu * Avrupa Komisyonu * Avrupa Birliği Konseyi * Avrupa Birliği Zirvesi * Avrupa Birliği Adalet Divanı * Avrupa Sayıştayı * Avrupa Merkez Bankası * Diğer Kurum Organ ve Ajanslar * Ekonomik ve Sosyal Komite * Bölgeler Komitesi * Avrupa Yatırım Bankası       Künye Bilgileri   Avrupa Birliği – […]

A Europe of Rights: History of The EU Charter

Contents   * Fundamental Rights: The First European Parliament Resolutions (1957-1979) * From the birth of the European Economic Community until the 1960’s * EP activities in the field of fundamental rights in the 1970’s * The EP’s Role In The Field Of Human Rights and The Abolition Of The Death Penalty After The First […]

European Union Or Decline: To Be Or Not To Be

Contents   * Introduction by the principal of the european university institute: Professor Werner Maihofer * Seventh Jean Monnet Lecture 14 May 1984 Delivered by Mr. Gaston Thorn * Entitled: European Union or Decline: To Be Or Not To Be       Künye Bilgileri   European Union Or Decline: To Be Or Not To […]

European Comission 2006 – EU Integration Seen Through Statistics Key Facts Of 18 Policy Areas

Contents   * The eu in the world * Sound economic policy * External trade * Regional development * Environment * Demography and migration * Health and safety * Education and lifelong learning * Labour market * Social protection and social inclusion * Agriculture and rural development * Fisheries * Business competitiveness and entrepreneurship * […]