* Fundamental Rights: The First European Parliament Resolutions (1957-1979)
* From the birth of the European Economic Community until the 1960’s
* EP activities in the field of fundamental rights in the 1970’s
* The EP’s Role In The Field Of Human Rights and The Abolition Of The Death Penalty After The First Direct Elections (1979-1997)
* The EP and the death penalty after the first direct elections (1979-1991)
* The draft Treaty establishing the European Union and the debate about fundamental rights in the 1980’s
* The EP and the Declaration of fundamental rights and freedoms (1989)
* The debate on fundamental rights at the Maastricht European Council meeting (1991)
* Fundamental rights and moves towards a European Constitution (1994)
* The post-Maastricht period: new challenges for the European Union
* Further progress for fundamental rights with the Treaty of Amsterdam
* Conclusions About EP Activities Since The Mid- 1990’s
* The Charter Of Fundamental Rights: From Cologne To Lisbon (1999-2007)
* The important decision of the European Council in Cologne and the role played by the EP
* Tampere: a further step towards the Charter
* The composition of the drafting body and the EP’s involvement
* The work of the drafting body and the EP (January-March 2000)
* Organisation of work
* The Convention and the challenges before it
* The role of the EP
* The main stages of the Convention’s proceedings (March-June 2000)
* Final stages before the Nice Council (July-October 2000)
* A key issue: whether to make the Charter binding and whether to incorporate it into the Treaties (November 2000)
* Nice European Council: the official proclamation of the Charter and it’s content
* The Charter’s journey: from Nice to Lisbon
* The role of the EP after the Nice European Council
* The Convention on the Future of Europe and the Charter of Fundamental Rights
* The Treaty of Lisbon
* The Charter of Fundamental Rights to date
* A Short History of The European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights and The Role of The European Parliament
* Respect For Fundamental Rights As a Condition of EU Membership: The Case of Croatia (1995-1012)
* The importance of fundamental rights for new Member States: a short introduction
* Croatia on the road to EU membership and the role of the EP (1992-1996)
* Obstacles in the way of Croatia’s accession to the EU and financial aid from the EP (1997-1998)
* Further steps towards Croatia’s accession to the EU: the Stability Pact and the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) of 29 October 2001 (1999-2001)
* Formal negotiations for Croatia’s accession and the EP (2003-2005)
* Croatia’s application for EU membership
* The first halt in Croatia’s accession process
* Croatia makes further progress (2005-2006)
* Final steps in the process of Croatia’s accession to the EU (2008-2011)
* Closing negotiations and signing the treaty
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A Europe of Rights: History of The EU Charter
Amelia Conte
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A Europe of Rights: History of The EU Charter
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