The Tenth Development Plan 2014 – 2018


Figures and Maps
Chapter 1
1. Introduction
2. Global Developments and Trends
a. Global Trends and their impact on Turkey
b. Global Macroeconomic developments and Prospects
c. Economic and Social developments in Turkey during the Pre-Plan Period
Chapter 2
1. Main goals and principles of the plan
2. Objectives and policies of the plan
a. Qualified people, strong society
Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
Non-Governmental Organizations
Family and Woman
Child and Youth
Social Protection
Culture and Arts
Employment and Working Life
Social Security
Population Dynamics
Strategic Management in the Public Sector
Human Resources in Public Sector
E-Government Applications in Public Services
b. Innovative Productıon, High And Stable Growth
Growth and Employment
Domestic Savings
Balance of Payments
Inflation and Monetary Policy
Financial Markets
Fiscal Policy
Social Security Financing
Public Enterprises
Investment Policies
Science, Technology and Innovation
Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry
Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Intellectual Property Rights
Information and Communication Technologies
Agriculture and Food
Mining Sector
Logistics and Transportation
Commercial Services
Construction, Engineering-Architecture, Technical Consultancy and Contracting Services
c. Livablee Places Sustainable Environment
Regional Development and Regional Competitiveness
Spatial Development and Planning
Urban Regeneration and Housing
Urban Infrastructure
Local Administrations
Rural Development
Protection of Environment
Land and Water Resources Management
Disaster Management
d. International Cooperation for Development
International Cooperation Capacity
Regional Cooperation
Contribution to Global Development Agenda
Chapter 3
a. Priority Transformation Programs
Program for Enhancing Productivity In Manufacturing
Program for Reducing Import Dependency
Program for Increasing Domestic Savings And Avoiding Waste
İstanbul International Financial Center Program
Rationalization of Public Expenditures Program
Public Revenue Quality Enhancement Program
Business and Investment Climate Improvement Program
Program for Improving Labor Market Effectiveness
Program for Reducing Informal Economy
Statistical Infrastructure Development Program
Program for Commercialization in Priority Technology Areas
Program for Technology Development and Domestic Production Through Public Procurement
Domestic Resource Based Energy Production Program
Energy Efficiency Improvement Program
Program for Enhancing Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture
Healthcare Related Industries Structural Transformation Program
Health Tourism Improvement Program
Transformation Program From Transportation to Logistics
Basic and Occupational Skills Development Program
Attracting Qualified Human Resources Program
Healthy Life and Mobility Program
Family and Dynamic Population Structure Conservation Program
Institutional Capacity Improvement Program at Local Level
Competitiveness and Social Cohesion Enhancing Urban Regeneration Program
Program for Improving the Infrastructure of International Cooperation for Development

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The Tenth Development Plan 2014 – 2018
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