Innovative Entrepreneurs of Turkey: The Case of Turkish Technoparks

We all know that in order to achieve sustainable high economic growth, Turkish economy should be transformed into a high technology and
innovation based engine, which is fed by legions of qualified human resources.
Mehmet Cansız, qualified senior expert of Ministry of Development, motivates his important study in the same lines with this objective. Innovative entrepreneurs carry magnificent potential for generating new technologies and innovative new products. Also when they grow rapidly, they contribute significantly to the number of the qualified employment.
Mehmet specifically explores the socioeconomic and cultural properties that affect the success of the innovative entrepreneurs operating within technoparks. While there are certain number of scientific studies devoted to technopark research, most of them concentrate on technological and economic dimensions. Unfortunately, studies focusing on the social dimension were missing. Mehmet, by implementing the traditional systemic viewpoint inherited from the praised heritage of State Planning Organization, fills this gap with his well-designed research and detailed analytical analysis.
Technopark practices in Turkey are relatively new and when compared to the practices of the advanced examples all around the world, a great untapped potential is waiting for us to explore and reveal. Same is also true for the innovative enterprises that operate within the technoparks. If we can actualize this potential in the near future, these technoparks and innovative entrepreneurs operating within them will be the triggers and drivers of global scale innovations and technologies of Turkey. In this sense, I attribute great importance to the findings of Mehmet.
I regard the findings of this study quite beneficial for improving the current support programs and for the effective design of future support programs. I heartily believe this type of analytical studies will increase in number and scope to help channel efforts of public organizations into right policies and incentives.
I would like to thank and congratulate Mehmet Cansız for this very important contribution and look forward to explore his next study.
Dr.Cevdet Yılmaz
Minister of Development

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Innovative Entrepreneurs of Turkey: The Case of Turkish Technoparks
Mehmet Cansız
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Kalkınma Bakanlığı
Türü: Ekonomi
Yayın Tarihi: Eylül 2014
170 Sayfa
ISBN: 9786054667871
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