5th International Symposium On Pharmaceutical Sciences (ISOPS-5)

Dear Participants,
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Yniversity of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy for the fifth International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences (ISOPS5)
Eight years ago, the First Symposium on the Pharmaccutical Sciences in Ankara was realized and the efforts of our Faculty to Promote this Symposium, was based on a belief to scientific research and the exchange ideas within the international pharmaceutical research community. In June 1989, the concept of increasing necessity for pharmaceutical researches to consider their research in a more international context, became visible for the first time at the European level.
With this Fifth Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ankara, we also believe that certain milestones will ve passed and undoubtedly, there is an honorable evidence which shows that researches from different countries are enthusiastic and motivated about the impression of participating such a Pharmaceutical Symposium in Ankara, Turkey. This interest will particularly be promising at a time when the drug industry in Turkey are involved with research and development like those found in most countries which in the pharmaceutical industry is fully occupied with research and related problems resulting from ongoing changes in health.
I would like to congratulate the Committees for their fine efforts in organizing the ISOPS5. There are 310 scientists from several countries participating this Symposium. With this book, you will find abstracts of 32 plenary lectures and approximately 150 oral and poster presentations which we believe that the abstracts introduce the fact that these studies contribute to the concept of a globalization of the pharmaceutical sciences. In addition to general sessions and poster displays, the exibition of scientific and educational equipment from several companies will provide other highlights for the Symposium.
As you participate in our Faculty’s programs, we hope you will take some time to investigate the resources which Ankara city can offer you. We also hope that the International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences (ISOPS6) will be realized with more participating in numbers and with more specific topics included, in 1999.
Finally, we wish you a succesful and productive meeting in which mutual relations can be strenghened and scientific expectations met.
Seçkin Özden
President of ISOPS5

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5th International Symposium On Pharmaceutical Sciences (ISOPS-5)
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Ankara Üniversitesi Yayınları
Türü: Sağlık Bilimleri
Yayın Tarihi: 1997
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ISBN: 9754823847
5th International Symposium On Pharmaceutical Sciences (ISOPS-5)
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